Health and Safety Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which we adopted as Occupational Health Equipment, depends on the respect towards human and the environment in which human lives. In every field it is active as Occupational Health Equipment, the Occupational Health and Safety Policy (OHS) has the priority and represents this approach with “protect your health, protect your job” slogan. For providing a safe and healthy working environment, everyone has a responsibility of his/her own within the jurisdiction. One of our most important goals is to protect all of our workers and the environment we are in against probable risks of our line of work. 
In this direction, we, as our OHS Policy, reassure of;
§ Taking every kind of measures according to OHS Directive in effect and other requirements related to OHS, providing instruments and Personal Protective Equipment, providing these equipment be used if necessary in workplace and its extensions in order to provide health and safety of workers, subcontractors, visitors, corporate personnel working out of workplace;
§ Pre-determining and removing unsafe situations and movements, probable occupational accident risks which can cause occupational accident and illness by performing an efficient risk assessment in workplace and its extensions;
§ Providing health, safety and welfare of workers at every level, visitors and subcontractors and minimizing every kind of tangible and intangible losses of themselves and their families by determining risks that can cause occupational accident and illness in the workplace;
§ Educating our workers in the field of occupational health and safety and providing them have occupational health and safety awareness;
§ Providing subcontractors offering service in the workplace and visitors follow the regulations of occupational health and safety determined as Occupational Health Equipment;
§ Being an exemplary company before associated institutions, industrial chambers and societies in terms of implementation of OHS as Occupational Health Equipment;
§ Taking the development of industrial world into consideration, predicting probable cases that can be faced with, improving continuously and monitoring ourselves;
§ Providing the continuity of our OHS Management System in effect, which is prepared in this direction.