The base of our Research and Development studies is the value that we give to occupational safety, quality and to human beings. To control the technology, means not to follow the developments in that area but to be the one that creates it. In order to achieve this goal, IST Safety breaks new grounds in Türkiye in R&D and innovation areas.
IST Safety invests in quality; continuously ongoing R&D studies  carried the quality of our products to European Standards. IST Safety brought to Türkiye personal protective equipments that are certified in accordance with the provisions of PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 which came into force in Europe.
In our quality control laboratory, all of our products that have EU type-examination certificates are monitored at different stages of production to ensure compliance with standards. We closely follow any revisions to standards and incorporate them into our products.
Occupational Health and Safety have been the study area of technique and other branches of sciences. Due to continuous technological development, new business lines, chemicals, machinery and equipment, working on this issue has to be continuous and the problems encountered in the study of work security require to be analyzed with the new technology.

Our objective is to develop new products by accurately analyzing the needs of all sectors via R&D studies; to produce high-quality products in world standards with modern machinery and qualified work force, to contribute to the integration of the culture of safety in all areas in Türkiye, to offer complete solutions with our entire product range.
For this reason, for the sustainable success of our company we follow the evolving and changing information in the world. Being aware of the social responsibility in the sector we serve, and giving importance to human life and corporateness, R&D and quality are not adopted as a part of our strategy, but as a complete strategy itself. In addition to the knowledge and experience that acquired through research and practical experience, our projects and studies for new materials, building new systems and for dramatically improving our existing products continue without slowing down.

To improve the effectiveness of the new product development process in line with new production technologies, we deliberately modernize our R&D and pilot production studies. We use information systems technologies extensively to monitor the new product development process more effectively, and we work with all our effort to provide reliable, sustainable, and better service.