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Since 1979, we produce safety equipments for;

Our headquarters and factories are located in Ankara. With our network of distributors spread all over the country and worldwide we distribute our best and high quality service to  customers in the shortest time.
Our company has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate. All our products are certified according to the latest version of international standards.
With the high quality products we have been manufacturing, our export volume increases day by day. We have been exporting our products to more than 70 countries in the world.
What We Do at our Emergency Shower Division
We provide variety of special services you may need.
Engineering Consultation
IST Safety provides complete information on the design, use, supply and care of emergency safety showers and eye/face washes, safety storage & carrying and plunger & bench cans / containers, spill containment systems, CBRNe decontamination units and mobile breathing air supply units. For all your needs during a new plant installation or facility renovation, our experienced team will guide you to the best and most economical solution.
Quality and Safe Product Selection
Our product range has a wide range of standard and optional designs. For interior and exterior applications, we offer high quality systems with heating or cooling, with freeze protection, portable or fixed special systems.
Special Engineering Solutions
Each shower is designed for different purposes and cannot substitute each other. In addition, standardized units with heating or cooling, may not always be the right choice for your needs. IST Safety is fully equipped to offer and produce the special designed systems according to your needs. 
Adjusting Water Temperature
Tepid water supply (16 - 38 ° C), which is a requirement of both American and European standards, requires special attention. Our expert team has the capability to analyze resources of your facility and offer solutions to ensure that emergency showers and eye / face washes will work properly under all circumstances. Our experts will work in coordination with your design or expert team.
Pre-Sales Solid Modelling and Technical Drawing
We provide customized design and engineering solutions to customers with our advanced three-dimensional solid modelling software. In this way, our customers can more easily analyze the suitability of the product to their facility and can plan the project accordingly. Two or three  dimensional detailed technical drawings are available for all our products. 
After-Sales Support
Our expert technicians can evaluate your existing emergency shower and eye/face wash fountain systems to  ensure compliance with ANSI and EN standards. Our expert team will assist you about training and product setup for your new emergency shower.
All our products are guaranteed against production and workmanship defects for a period of 24 months.
What We Do at our Protective Clothings Division
We provide variety of special services you may need.
IST Safety provides complete information on the design, use, supply and care of industrial flame resistant protective workwear / underwear / balaclavas, electric arc flash protective clothings, firefighting suits, aluminized fire proximity / entry suits, air cooled kiln entry coveralls, functional and thermal underwears / t-shirts. Our experienced team will provide you the best economical solution with customized size dimensions, preliminary study and technical drawings.
Quality and Safe Product Selection
Our product range has a wide range of standard and optional designs. We provide special protective clothing solutions suitable for work areas, that do not compromise protection while providing ease of movement. 
Special Engineering Solutions
Each garment is designed for different purposes and has different certificates. A protective garment cannot substitute another.  The most suitable and most appropriate solution must be determined according to the protection level and area of use. In IST® textile production workshop, fabrics are cut by using licensed cloth spreading  software to combine the best designs with the best stitching properties with same pattern in all sizes and to prevent the possibility of encountering an error. IST® is fully equipped to offer and produce standard and special designed garments according to your needs.
Complementary Accessories Selection
Complementary elements of protective clothing are of great importance for full protection. You can easily choose and gather the most suitable complementary materials that can be specially used with the protective clothing you purchased such as; personal protective equipments like head, face, hand, respiratory, foot protectors, from our range. Our expert team will guide you in choosing your protective garment and choosing a complementary accessory with the most appropriate international standards for your working area.
Pre-Sales Support and Modelling
Before production, we design your protective clothing in our advanced technical drawing softwares according to your preferences and submit to your approval. Protective clothings that are purchased because of their high protection levels, but are unsuitable for the working facility may not provide adequate protection and may result in high costs for your company. Appropriate personal protective equipment should be determined as a result of risk analysis by experts. In this regard, our technical team will work in coordination with experts in your facility.
Standards and Certification
All our products are fully tested by notified bodies in Europe according to the relevant European standards and certified according to the relevant EN standards. In selection of protective clothings, labels inside the suit must be examined well, labels must be printed in accordance with European standards. The information on the label must be verified with certificates. In this regard, our expert technical team will provide consultation to you, valuable customers. 
After-Sales Support
Our company provides the necessary information, training and solutions to its customers on the maintenance, use and periodic controls of purchased products. Our company gives repair services for all standard and/or special design protective clothings that are damaged, or have worn parts. In this sense, it is aimed that the user can use the existing product for a long time instead of buying new product. 
Our sales representatives can provide training on the use of the products. All of our products are warranted against production and workmanship defects for a period of 24 months.
Please contact our sales department for detailed information about our services.
For such serious equipments, working with an experienced company that values human health and manufactures in accordance with international standards will be the right choice for your facility, your employees and your safety.
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