SAFECAN® Safety Cans


SAFECAN® Safety Cans are used for safely transportation, distribution and storage of flammable liquids.

SAFECAN® Safety Cans minimize the fire risk by safely reserving the dangerous liquids and keeping the vapor under control. Provides convenience while filling and discharging. Risk stays low when the flammable liquids are stored safely in every sector and even at home. One should remember that risk of accident and fire can be removed when proper safety equipments are used. 

Flammable liquids are frequently used in industry and daily life. Fuels, solvents, cleaners etc. Using and storage of these liquids brings some risks. Flammable liquids are found in evaporative form in the nature. They react to vapor under normal atmospheric conditions. Speed of vapor rises in hotter environment or proximity to the heat source. Where flammable liquids vapor and mix into the air, a condition is set for the vapor to ignite. The heat of the flame is the result of the increase of the flammable vapor. Ignite of the vapor provokes the flame. Flammable liquid vapor, air and heat source are three main pieces that forms the flame. 
Safety cans keep the flame source and oxygen out with tight sealed cover. Spring cover automatically shuts and cuts the contact with air and provides tightness. All covers must be tested under pressure to guarantee tightness. In case of fire to prevent explosion, safety cans automatically ventilates air under 0,3 bar pressure. Therefore, the high pressure inside does not create danger. Flames that are provoked by flammable vapors will not spread in the tubes which are in the shape of elongated small diameter pipe. Flame holder tube lets the liquid and vapor while holding the flame to get in. Flame holder, absorbs the heat of the flame and spreads. Vapors in the flame holder will not reach the heat of ignition.
Elevated base provides extra durability and protects against any damage. Carrying handle provides convenience while filling and discharging. Spring cover mechanism protects against evaporation and pressure. Bottom of the can is connected with sewn welding and reinforced with clamp. This provides extra durability. Special ribs for reinforcing body metal sheet against lateral bumps and strokes. Inner parts of the cans are covered with corrosion preventive material.
Safety cans are produced as galvanized steel and stainless steel. Galvanized and painted steel safety cans are more suitable for petrol and derivatives. Stainless steel safety cans are suitable for alcohol, ether, aromatics, hydrocarbon and chlorine based hydrocarbons.

Safety cans are separated as Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1 cans filling and discharging are done with the same cover. In Type 2 Cans filling cover and discharging covers are separated. There is a flexible metal hose on the cover of discharging in Type 2 cans. This helps a smooth discharge. 

Transportation of each liquid requires a different color. Red is used for storage and transportation for flammable liquids, blue for kerosene, yellow for diesel fuels and green petrol and derivatives. There has to be a yellow label which includes the warning and directives on each can.

For more information, please check the product's page. Plunger cans and bench cans are also available in our production.

Our main goal is to let you work in safe conditions. For this reason, we are protecting you against all risks.




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